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First, thank you for volunteering to be a Journal Club host! While hosting journal club isn't burdensome there's still a few things to do:

  1. Pick an article. See the list of recommended sources below for more help.
  2. Read the paper & come up with a few focusing questions.
  3. Pick a day/time. In the past hosts have created a Doodle Poll to be included in our monthly newsletter, the oCUBE Buzz, with the title of the paper and the list of focusing questions. Let people know when the poll will close. 
  4. Create a link to your Zoom/Teams/Google Meet (etc.) meeting.
  5. After the poll has closed, let the Communications committee know your selected date and they'll send around a reminder with the link to your online meeting.

Looking for a journal article?

Here are some of our recommended sources of great SoTL (scholarship of teaching and learning) articles :

Got a journal to recommend? Let us know at

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